Chimney Construction and Repair

Chimney Repair, Chimney Damper Installation, Chimney Construction

Historic Masonry Restoration

Does your chimney leak water? Does your chimney let in cold air? Do you wish your fireplace had a more traditional stone or brick? Do you wish you had a fireplace? If you answered yes to any of those questions, Warfield Masonry can help. Warfield Masonry specializes in fireplace and chimney construction and repair.

Chimney Repair

Historic Chimney Restoration

Many chimneys in Washington incurred earthquake damage years ago that was never fixed. Today, those damaged chimneys can let water in, causing rot and mold. It can also threaten the structural integrity and fire protection of the chimney. Warfield Masonry can assess the damage and repair or rebuild to fix the problem.

When we work on chimneys, we are also required by law to bring them up to new building codes established in 2009 to protect against future earthquakes.

Chimney Damper Installation

Masonry Brick Contractor

Chimneys in older homes don’t have dampers. Dampers are trap doors you open to allow smoke from the fire to float up and out. You close the damper when you’re not using the fireplace to keep out cold air. Chimneys without dampers are not energy efficient.

Warfield Masonry can install toplock dampers into older chimneys to improve the energy efficiency of your chimney. This keeps your house warmer on cold days and reduces your heating bills.

Chimney Construction

If you want a fireplace in your home or building, you need a chimney to allow the smoke to escape safely. Whether in an existing home or new construction, Warfield can build a chimney that will stand the test of time.

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