Masonry Services for Bremerton Home and Business Property

As family owned and operated local masonry contractors we are totally committed to excellence with each project, whether commercial or residential, large or small.

We are privileged to have expert bricklayers and experienced stone masons who have worked on new construction, restoration and repair of many public and private structures requiring interior and exterior block, brick and stone work.

Masonry is a building system that is meant to stand the test of time, and has been a valued craft since the Pyramids. Over the centuries, it has been, and continues to be chosen for its durability, strength, versatility and resistance to the effects of age and weather conditions.

We specialize in a broad range of services using block, stone and brick, such as:

  • New construction, restoration and repairs
  • Cleaning and waterproofing
  • Walkway and patio construction and repair
  • Chimney and fireplace construction and repair
  • Access to engineering and CAD drawings
  • Post construction

If you require residential or commercial masonry work in the Bremerton area, please call us!

Expert Masonry Contractors Brick, Block and Stone Work

As experts in masonry work, one of our objectives is to provide a finished product that adds beauty and value added curb appeal.

And that can only be done by highly qualified masons with precise workmanship using the finest quality materials available. We take pride in providing that level of materials and craftsmanship for our customers in the Bremerton area.

These are some of the benefits of brick, block and stone when used for new construction, restorations and repairs:

  • A durable structural system for heavy load-bearing projects
  • Low maintenance time and cost
  • Heat resistance
  • High insulation values
  • Superior resistance to impact
  • Longevity

As premier local masonry contractors serving the Bremerton area, we can provide all of the elements from engineering and CAD drawings through a high quality finished product, whether it is new construction, restoration or repair. Call us today!

Bremerton Masonry Work New Construction, Restoration & Repair

As experts in local masonry work we understand the importance of our role in new construction of a building because the strength and durability of the entire structure is significantly dependent on us.

We are premier brick layers and stone masonry contractors specializing in new construction of residential and commercial structures, restorations and repair services on time and on budget.

The following is a list of services including, but not limited to:

  • Residential and commercial new building construction
  • Tuckpointing
  • Rebuilding of damaged structures
  • Replacement of damaged brick, block or stone
  • Chimney construction, restoration or repair
  • Walkway and patio construction and repair
  • Fireplace construction, restoration or repair

Call Warfield Masonry for new construction, restorations and repairs of residential and commercial buildings in the Bremerton area. 253-777-1947